Tuesday, January 21, 2014

PSP Brush Share 26


Dragonsweaver said...

Hi, when you download you get a jpeg picture, not the brush, just to let you know.

Trese said...

I downloaded and the brushes are in the file. Not sure what you're doing, but the brushes are there. Others are getting the brushes as well.

Oraynah said...

Clicking on the download link takes me to a .jpg not the brushes file.

Brushes I was able to download from looked like:

Thank you for sharing your brushes.

Unknown said...

if you hover over the download link, it really is just the jpg image. I copied the link from the prior poster to get to your brushes-thanks :)


Susyq1945 said...

Thank you so very much for the brushes I am just getting a jpeg image for number 26 also It does not go to a download link. Thanks again and have a great day Hugs Sue

Donna said...

I got all these brushes & Love them!
I also got a jpeg for brush 26.
Thank you so much for sharing all these awesome creations!!