Friday, November 9, 2012

Reflections FTU

When I look back on my life, I see pain, mistakes and heartache.  When I look in the mirror I see strength, learned lessons and pride in myself.

This tutorial was written by me on November 9th, 2012. Any resemblance to any other tutorial or tag is unintentional and is pure coincidence. Please do not claim my work as your own and do not post to any other website, blog or forum without permission from me. It is written with the assumption that you have a working knowledge of PSP and its components. It was written for PSP 9.

I recommend that you read through this or any tutorial you are attempting before starting it so you will know what to expect and how to get organized.

As with any of my tutorials when a plugin is required, change only the settings I recommend and leave the others on the default settings.

What you will need to accomplish this tutorial is the gorgeous art of Karen Middleton which you can purchase at Creative Design Outlet HERE.  Please support the arts and do not use Karen's tubes without a license and certainly do not share tubes.  Supplies I have included HERE, these are some of the elements I've collected over the years in my groups.  Mask is sdtMask154 which you can grab HERE.  Plugins are Xero and Eye Candy 4000.  Font is Caterina and can be found HERE.

Let's get started....

First start a new 700 x 700 white image which we will resize later. Copy and paste the Ribbon Frame into your new canvas, resize it 125% and dulicate it, place the original to the left lower part of your canvas and the duplicate, which will be on top, to the upper right.  Give them both a slight drop shadow.

Beneath these frames, copy and paste the paper.  Using your Eraser tool, erase any of the paper outside the two frames.  Then above the original frame copy and paste the profile tube, the below the duplicate frame copy and paste the other tube from this pack, resize it to fit into the frame, considering the portions you want outside the frame on the left, then duplicate the tube and drag the duplicate above the frame.   Again use your eraser to erase the lower portion of the tube fitting her into the frame.

On both tubes go to Effects/Plugins/Xero/Radiance and use these settings:

Then go to Effects/Plugins/Xero/Porcelain and use these settings:

Using my image as a reference for size and placement begin to paste the other elements into your canvas.  You don't need to place them exactly where mine are, just remember that in nature nothing grows symmetrically, it's wild and unpredictable.  For the varying colors you see, I colorized the small flower element a couple of different colors and the ribbon the pink color and the silk ribbon the blue color in the ribbon in her hair as close as I could get it...go to Adjust/Hue & Saturation/Colorize and use these settings:

To resize, rotate, etc any of the elements, use your Raster Deform Tool, it's perfect for precise sizing and for rotating.

Add a new Raster Layer above your Background layer and flood fill with the darkest blue in the silk ribbon, resize it 80% and apply your mask.  You can also use your Raster Deform tool to 'tweak' your mask as well....or anything you're working with for that matter.

Add your name in a deep brown from the wraps on the leaves, give it a drop shadow and then go to Effects/Plugins/Eye Candy 4000/Gradient Glow and use these settings:

In the color tab, select the Black Halo and change both colors to the pink or Salmon color in your tag.

Add your copyright taking care that it is legal and legible, resize to fit your needs, save as a .png or .jpeg and you're done.

Thank you for trying my tutorial, I hope you enjoyed it and maybe even learned something to hone your PSP skills.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns about any of my tutorials.



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