Monday, May 7, 2012

Proud Peacock PTU Animated

The pride of the peacock is the glory of God.  The lust of the goat is the bounty of God.  The wrath of the lion is the wisdom of God.  The nakedness of woman is the work of God.

William Blake

This tutorial was written by me on May 7th, 2012. Any resemblance to any other tutorial or tag is unintentional and is pure coincidence. Please do not claim my work as your own and do not post to any other website, blog or forum without permission from me. It is written with the assumption that you have a working knowledge of PSP and its components. I wrote it for PSP 9, but it should be compatible with most versions.

I recommend that you read through this or any tutorial you are attempting before starting it so you will know what to expect and how to get organized.

As with any of my tutorials when a plugin is required, change only the settings I recommend and leave the others on the default settings.

What you will need to accomplish this tutorial is this stunning kit by the amazing Crazy Carita called A Lit-Teal Bit of Love which you can purchase at Creative Design Outlet HERE along with all of her other beautiful kits.  Thank you Carita for the use of this glorious kit.  You will also need the beautiful art of The Vintage Angel Jessica Galbreth which you can also purchase at Creative Design  Outlet HERE along with all of her other tubes.  Please support the arts and DO NOT use Jessica's art without a license.  Mask by me which you can download right here on this blog Trese Mask0108.  Plugins Alien Skin Xenofex 2 and Eye Candy 4000.  Font is Feathergraphy Decoration which is free to use and can be downloaded HERE.

Let's get started...

First put your mask into your PSP mask folder.  Now open all of your elements and your tube into PSP...use my image as a reference for which elements I used.  Now start a new 700 x 700 white image.  You can resize later.  From here I will refer to this image as your working image.  Copy and paste fr2 into your working image.  Copy and paste paper of choice beneath this layer.  I used paper9.  Resize 75%.  With your eraser tool erase the areas of the paper showing outside your frame.

Above your paper layer copy and paste your tube.  Using your Raster Deform tool resize your tube to fill up the inside of the frame.  You will find resizing with Raster Deform practically removes any distortion or pixelating to whatever you're resizing depending on how large or how small you go.  When placing your tube into the frame be sure there is plenty of space for her to protrude from the top of the frame taking care that her breasts will protrude as well.  Duplicate this tube layer and drag the duplicate above the frame layer.  Delete the parts of the tube at the bottom for the frame to show through.

Add a Raster layer above your background layer and flood fill with a dark grey from your frame.  Resize 90% and apply Trese Mask0108.

Now, using my image as a reference for placement and size add the rest of your elements.  Be sure to give each a slight drop shadow.

Now for the butterfly.  Copy and paste the butterfly into your working image and place it to the top left.  Duplicate the butterfly twice for a total of three butterfly layers.  BE SURE YOU DO NOT MOVE ANY OF THESE LAYERS.  In your layer palette hide the two top butterfly layers.  Choose the original butterfly layer in your layer palette and go to Effects/Plugins/Alien Skin Xenofex 2/Constellation and use the settings below:

Hide the original butterfly layer and unhide the middle one.  Make sure you have the middle layer selected in your layer palette.  Go back to Effects/Plugins/Alien Skin Xenofex 2/Constellation and use the same settings you just used only hit the Random Seed button once.  Do the same for your last butterfly layer and on this same layer apply a drop shadow using the settings below:

Then hide this layer and unhide and select the middle layer and apply the same drop shadow.  Do the same for the last layer.  If you apply a drop shadow first you will have black stars and the animation won't look right.

Add your name using the Desert gradient as shown below:  BE SURE YOUR ANTIALIAS IS SET TO SHARP.

Now go up to Effects/Plugins/Eye Candy 4000/Gradient Glow.  In the color tab use black Halo and Color is Black and Opacity 100%.  Then in Basic tab use the settings below:

Next go to Effects/Plugins/Eye Candy 4000/Corona and use these settings:

Add your copyright and we will get to the animation.  For a professional looking copyright I use pixel or copy fonts, you can google and find them everywhere on the net...HERE are a few.  These fonts look best size 6 with your antialias set to off.

Now for the animation.  First open Animation Shop by going to File/Jasc Software Products/Launch Animation Shop.  Go back to PSP.  Select the original butterfly layer and make sure it's unhid and the other two are hidden.  Hold down CTRL+SHIFT+C to copy merged.  Go to Animation Shop and hit CTRL+v to paste a new animation.  Back to PSP, hide the original butterfly layer, unhid the middle layer and then hold down CTRL+SHIFT+C to copy merged.  Back to Animation Shop, this time hold down CTRL+SHIFT+L to paste next frame.  Go back to PSP and do the same, hide middle butterfly layer and unhide the top butterfly layer...copy and paste as you just done.

Resize to fit your needs and check your work by going to View/Animation.  Save as a .gif and you're done.   I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and learned something useful to hone your PSP skills.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or any issues with broken links.  Happy creating...Blessings, Trese

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